Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my mom

My Mom has pink hair if you didn't already know but she is the nicest thing you'll ever meet. I love her because she loves me and why wouldn't ya! me and my momieo stick like glue. also shes really funny too,but sometimes if shes mad she'll go kung fu ninja on you! you want see it coming. the best thing is she will mostly get me anything I want. If you don't love your'e momma you crazy! my fav song is from he killers [Are we human or are we dancers] which is 1 thing I want for Christmas. I love it when my mom comes to my b-ball practices and games. My moms fav food is our dads onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy carnitas and Starbucks coffee! 110% that we love each other!

by:Clayton James McConnachie


Kelly said...

Your mom is definately a keeper!

Susan Sparrowhawk said...